Divisheni ya Miundombinu na Ufundi


Divisheni hii inawajibu wa kuhakikisha miundombinu yote na vifaa vya hali ya hewa vinakuwepo na kufanya kazi katika hali ya ubora, Aidha divisheni hii inapaswa kuhakikisha shughuli zote za kioperesheni na shughuli saidizi zinafanywa katika ubora wa hali ya juu na kwa gharama nafuu na hivyo kuiwezesha Mamlaka kutoa huduma bora za hali ya hewa nchini Tanzania

Vitengo a Huduma za Ufundi

Divisheni hii inafanyakazi ikiwa na sehemu zifuatazo:

  • Ubora na Mtandao wa vituo na
  • Huduma za ufundi (Uhandisi na Vifaa)

Divisheni ya Huduma za utabiri


The division has a responsibility of observing, monitoring, forecasting and disseminating weather and climate information both nationally and internationally.

Functions of the division

  • To Collect and disseminate all real-time data from all National meteorological observatories for uses in weather forecasting and other meteorological uses;
  • To provide meteorological services for the improvement of safety, efficiency and regularity of marine operations. The service covers fishing, maritime transportation for both Passenger and Cargo, oil and gas exploration in the country;
  • To provide meteorological services for National and International air navigation for the safety, regulation and efficiency of air travel on behalf of the United Republic of Tanzania. It also provides relevant meteorological information important for Search And Rescue (SAR) operations in aircraft accidents;
  • To carry out operational management functions to all synoptic meteorological stations including Automatic Weather Stations (AWSs) and Radar Stations, and;
  • To monitor and inspect operations of Regional, District Meteorological Offices.

This Division is leaded by a Director and operates with four sections namely:-

  • Central Forecast Office (CFO),
  • Aeronautical and marine Meteorology,
  • Network Operations,
  • Zonal, Regional and District Offices

Divisheni ya Huduma Saidizi


The division has the responsibility of ensuring provision of expertise and services on administration, human resources management and Meteorological marketing and public relations.

Functions of the division

  • To advice the Director General on Administration, Human Resources Management and Meteorological marketing and public relations matters.
  • To provide strategic inputs on Administration and Human Resources Management issues such as recruitment, human resources development and training, promotion, discipline, retention, motivation, performance management and welfare;
  • To ensure optimal, efficient and effective management and utilization of human resources in TMA;
  • To collect, analyse, store and disseminate data and information related to Human Resource Development Plans;
  • To operationalize Public Service Management and Employment Policy and relevant Public Service Acts in consultation with Divisions and Units;
  • To provide data support and up-date records on various human resources information;
  • To provide all management services and organization development;
  • To collaborate with National Meteorological Training Centre (NMTC), Universities and WMO in matters related to BIP-M; and
  • To process terminal benefits and leave for TMA staff.

This Division is led by a Director and comprises three Sections as follows:

  • Administration and Human Resources Management section
  • Meteorological Training section
  • Meteorological Marketing and Public Relations Section

Divisheni ya Utafiti na Matumizi ya Hali ya Hewa


The division has the responsibility of ensuring availability of quality climate data for research and other use, and thus research activities on meteorology and climate related field are conducted and are well coordinated for effective decision making

Functions of the division

  • To prepare and maintain the national Meteorological Data Bank
  • To provide general and user specific Agrometeorological products and information to various users;
  • To carryout research in climate variability, climate change and biometeorology; and
  • To coordinate the activities of the Commission for Hydrology (CHy).

This Division is headed by a Director and operates with the following sections;

  • Agrometeorology
  • Environment and Research
  • Climatology and Climate Change; and
  • Hydrometeorology.