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ISO 9001:2015 Certified in Aviation Meteorological Services



The membership of the Tanzanian Meteorological Society shall consist of:

(1) Ordinary Member: who shall be residents of Tanzania and holders of a degree in Meteorology, Hydrology or related discipline from an institution of higher learning, or holder of a World Meteorological Organization Meteorologists class II Certificate or its equivalent and are engaged in the application and advancement of the respective sciences.

(2) Associate Member: who shall include the following:-

a. Ordinary Members leaving Tanzania for a period of at least one year.

b. Residents of Tanzania who hold a certificate in meteorology, Hydrology and other related fields, other than those listed for ordinary membership and are engaged in meteorological or related duties in Tanzania.

c. Residents of Tanzania interested in meteorology, hydrology or related discipline.

(3) Corporate Member: who shall be corporations and other organizations desirous of supporting the development of meteorology, hydrology and related sciences in Tanzania;

(4) Student Member: who shall be graduate or undergraduate students in residence at an institution of higher learning or those studying for a World Meteorological organization Class II Meteorologists certificate or its equivalent;

(5) Fellow: Who shall have made outstanding contribution to the science on application of meteorology, hydrology or other related science in Tanzania;

(6) Honorary Member: who shall be persons who are distinguished by their work in meteorology, hydrology or related science either through their own contributions to the sciences or applications or through their furtherance of the advance of the science in some other way, relevant to Tanzania.

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