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ISO 9001:2015 Certified in Aviation Meteorological Services



    Imewekwa: 06th December, 2016

    The Agency adopted the international standard for quality management as documented by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 9001:2008 aiming to satisfy aviation customers nationally and internationally, The standard was introduced to the Agency and implemented in 2009, and accredited a certificate on 2011, 2013 and this year again 2016. Thus resulting in notable improvement in product and service delivery.

    During a press briefing held at TMA office, Dr. Agnes Kijazi, Director General TMA, mentioned the achievement obtained when undertaking Quality Management System. “In Brief TMA has developed good reputation and image to our customer through improvement of work procedures and process throughout the organization, establishment of employees’ competence assessment mechanism and training initiatives as required International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), equipment used in the production of meteorological data is now calibrated to National and international standards, acquisition of pressure calibration equipment, which ensures quality observation of pressure values at airports hence safety of aircraft operations during landing and takeoff, moreover, some of modern facilities have been installed, such as, digital wind systems, data analyzing and forecasting facilities, fiber optic cables for reliable internet service and as well as improved of meteorological infrastructure at airport offices”, she said.

    Dr. Kijazi added that TMA experts are called by other countries within Africa and Asia to help them establish appropriate platforms for improving quality of their services and competence of staff.

    Representative from Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication (Transport), Mr. Festo Mwanyika congratulated TMA management and staff and promised to keep on facilitating TMA with sufficient and required instruments.

    Eng. James Ngeleja, a member of TMA advisory board address TMA to expand the quality management system to other service, and asked parent Ministry to speed facilitation of advanced and modern equipments according to TMA requirements.

    External auditor from CERTECH Company from CANADA Mr. Frank Strohmeire appreciated the effort made by TMA to make sure work procedures and process are well implemented.

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